Are edits to an Honors Project permitted after the oral exam?

Even though the Honors Committee permits candidates for Honors to correct minor and few typographical errors or to make such other minor corrections as their examiners may require, it emphasizes that projects must be in final form when they are submitted prior to the oral examination. Candidates must assume responsibility for accurate proofreading and checking of all quotations and references. Frequent misspellings, faulty punctuation or syntax, omitted references, or stylistic incoherence will disqualify projects despite the intrinsic merit they may otherwise exhibit.

Some examples of "minor and few" corrections that are permissible:

  • a few obvious typographical errors (e.g., 'teh" instead of "the") or errors in pagination
  • instead of appearing at the bottom of a page, a table or chart appears on the next page because of spacing issues
  • some punctuation is missing in the bibliography
  • an image that needed to be in color was printed in black and white

Some examples of errors that are not "minor and few" and are not permitted to be corrected:  (Errors such as these must be taken into account when evaluating the project after the oral exam.)

  • the bibliography is not formatted correctly or is inconsistently formatted
  • tables, charts, illustrations, bibliographic citations, etc. are missing
  • sentences are incomplete or grammatically incorrect
  • direct quotations or ideas taken from other sources are not properly attributed
  • a word or name is consistently misspelled
  • a portion of the content is unclear and needs revision