Bridge in FlorenceOff-campus study provides a valuable opportunity to hone and extend the intellectual skills and capacity for engagement associated with a transformative Lawrence liberal arts education by placing students in educational settings that purposefully combine classroom and experiential learning.  In such settings, students are challenged to apply and question what has been learned on the home campus and to evaluate alternate perspectives and ways of learning.

As such, students who participate in Off-Campus Study will:

  • Gain academic knowledge and experiences in their field of study through field experience, language and communication skills, specialized course offerings, or experience of educational or research settings whose pedagogical and curricular structures differ from those at Lawrence
  • Develop greater understanding and appreciation of cultural perspectives of the host culture, their own cultural background, and cross-cultural considerations
  • Have opportunities for professional exploration through experiential learning including options for internships, cultural practicums, significant field work, navigating a different academic culture, or meaningful local engagement that strengthens abilities to successfully live and work in an increasingly global society
  • Encounter a rich opportunity for personal development through growth of independence, self-confidence, and open-mindedness from interactions with social and cultural practices which challenge their own assumptions and values and develop intercultural competency