We encourage students to study at the London Centre for two consecutive terms! Spending two terms at the London Centre has multiple benefits, including:

  • Greater immersion into and engagement with the range of opportunities in London
  • More time and in-depth exploration of London and British culture in your second term, facilitated by your ability to take British Life and Culture II. This class compliments what you will have learned in the required British Life and Culture course of your first term. In British Life and Culture II, registered as an Independent Study (UNIC 399), students participate in an adjusted version of the core British Life and Culture course and work with the instructor to adapt participation and assignments for the second term. While students are included in some aspects of the course that all students take, they will explore an individualized area or project of their choosing in the second term - be it poetry, sports culture, literature, music, history, or other areas.  As British Life and Culture II is a different course, material from British Life and Culture will not be duplicated.
  • Choosing to participate in our internship programme allows you to connect with Londoners on a new level and gather professional experience working and networking abroad. So, if interning during one term is good, then interning for two terms is better! If an internship for two terms is of interest to you, please be in contact with the Off-Campus Programs Office. (Note: An internship placement in one location may not be possible for two consecutive terms.)
  • Senior experience. Many students who take advantage of the two-term option for the London Centre use that extra time to develop ideas and conduct  research for their Senior Experience while working closely with either your academic advisor in Appleton or London-based faculty.

Participating in the program in winter and spring terms allows for the easiest transition and smoothest immigration path.  There are only a few days between winter and spring terms, which makes studying in London for these two consecutive terms a hassle-free experience - no need to move housing or spend money on an additional flight. Participating in the program in fall and winter terms is also possible but requires more coordinated planning and preparation.  In certain circumstances, we may need to limit fall/winter participation due to our annual allocation for immigration sponsorship required for fall/winter students.