Current and Accepted Off-Campus Study Students

Congratulations on your life-changing decision to study off-campus! This page offers plenty of resources for off-campus study students, whether you have just been accepted to a program and are planning ahead, are frantically getting ready in anticipation for your upcoming program, or are already off-campus and looking for some guidance during your time away. Never feel bad asking for help - taking advantage of the resources available to you will allow you to approach your experience with more confidence, leaving you more time to get as much out of your off-campus journey as possible.

Stay in touch!

While we hope you will be as immersed in your off-campus experience as possible, don't forget to reach out to the Off-Campus Programs office if you need anything, or just want to share some of your adventures with us!

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Off-Campus Programs Office Contact

  • Lezlie Weber, Director of Off-Campus Programs

    +1 920-832-7354

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