While the requirements for entry into medical school vary somewhat from school to school, the general requirements are as follows:

  • Two terms of biology, typically Biology 130 and 150.
  • Four terms of chemistry, typically Chemistry 115, 116, 250, and 252. 
  • One term of biochemistry: Chemistry 340/Biology 444.
  • Two terms of physics, typically Physics 141 and 151.
  • One term of psychology, typically Psychology 100
  • One term of mathematics, typically Math 107.
  • Other requirements may include Calculus.

For current admissions requirements (which change frequently) for all US medical schools, see the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) or visit individual school websites. Since the MCAT exam is often taken in the spring of the junior year, talk with one of us and your academic advisor as early as possible about this schedule—the goal should be to complete the requirements before senior year, if possible. AP credit can be used to satisfies these requirements at most medical schools; placing out via a Lawrence placement test may not satisfy the medical school pre-requisite, unfortunately, and will result in needing to take a subsequent course.

Nursing programs have different pre-requisite requirements which vary from school to school. A typical series of requirements is:

  • Three terms of biology, typically Biology 130, 150 and 170.
  • One term of chemistry, typically Chemistry 115 or 116.
  • One term of microbiology, typically Biology 226.
  • One term of psychology, often Psychology 250, 260, 270 or 310.
  • One term of social sciences, often Anthropology 110.
  • One term of human anatomy, Biology 310.
  • One term of human physiology, taught as a tutorial (please contact Prof. Humphries)

Dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant and other programs all have specialized admissions requirements into professional programs. After visiting the professional society websites linked above, schedule an appointment with a pre-health careers advisor to discuss the requirements and how you might satisfy them.

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