CAS staff are here to serve you during the term. Click the buttons below for more information.

+ Walk-in Hours with the Dean

"Walk-in" hours will be held remotely via Zoom during the term. Students who want to meet with the Dean of Academic Success, Monita Mohammadian Gray, will need to join the Zoom meeting at the specified day/time (links below) and will wait in the virtual waiting room until Monita is available to meet.

Walk-in hours begin Week 1 (Tuesday, Jan. 5).  Beginning 8th week (Monday, Feb. 22), walk-in hours will be held daily (Mon-Fri) from 1-2:45pm.  Student appointment times (all times listed are Central Standard Time) are as follows:


1:00-2:45 p.m.
Join Zoom Meeting:

Wednesdays 1:00-2:45 p.m.
Join Zoom Meeting:

9:00-10:00 a.m.
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+ Schedule a Meeting with a CAS Staff Member

+ Tutoring Information

CAS tutors will be available this term. Our goal, as in any academic term, is to provide tutoring for all Lawrence students who request assistance. Julie Haurykiewicz and Kelsey Uherka are available to answer questions or provide direct support to both instructors and students throughout the term.

All tutoring will take place by appointment (see below for information regarding how to request a tutor). It will be up to students and their tutors to determine the tutoring logistics that work best for them (date/time, method of connecting [Zoom, FaceTime, email, phone, etc.], frequency of meetings, etc.).

The best ways for students to get connected with a tutor this term are as follows:

  1. Students should contact a tutor directly whenever possible. To locate a tutor, students should check their course Moodle site, course syllabi, and/or ask their instructors who the tutors are for a particular course.
  2. If a student wants to work with the same tutor throughout the term, they can simply make arrangements with the tutor about how meet in an ongoing manner.
  3. To request a tutor more generally (for any subject/assignment in which a tutor has not already been identified), a student can use the tutor request form in Voyager (a direct link is also available on the CAS website and in Voyager under the Student Services tab—>Academic Resources & Services link—>Tutor Request form). CAS staff will monitor requests in Voyager and assign them to tutors each day.
  4. If a student experiences difficulty in connecting with a tutor, they should contact Julie and Kelsey directly.

Students should be aware of any requirements for or restrictions on tutoring made by individual course instructors (e.g., you must meet with a tutor before submitting a certain assignment or you cannot work with a tutor on certain assignments). The LU Honor Code will, as always, be in place whenever a student works with a tutor.

If you have questions or concerns related to tutoring, please contact Julie and/or Kelsey. Take care and be well!


+ Accessibility Services

Students with disabilities approved for accommodations through Accessibility Services will continue to receive their accommodations for the spring term after they submit their Online Accommodations Request Form. If you are a student approved for accommodations and are having difficulty accessing course content due to the online format, please contact Accessibility Services right away at Students who have elected not to register their disability previously with Accessibility Services may wish to do so at this time. To begin, please complete the Online Eligibility Form.


+ Academic Skills

Students seeking help with study skills, organization, and test preparation can contact Joanna Morey at to schedule an appointment.


+ Quantitative Skills

Students seeking help with quantitative skills should contact Kelsey Uherka.


+ English Language Services

Contact Cecile Despres-Berry to set up an appointment for English language services, including writing or speaking consultations. We can work together over email, zoom, telephone, etc.


+ Academic Counseling

Academic counseling will be available through Zoom throughout spring term. You can schedule appointments as usual using the Calendly apps below. Once your appointment is set, Kate or Melly will contact you with the Zoom invitation.


+ UNIC 117

Three sections of the class are running spring term (asychronously). If you have questions about the class, you can contact either Kate Zoromski ( or Melly Gledhill (


+ Online Study Habits & Strategies Guide

Please find the document in PDF format and Microsoft Word format below: