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The Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource Board (SHARB) consists of members of faculty, staff, and students who advise the university on matters relating to sexual harassment and assault.  Members serve as contact people in order to educate the campus community about the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy. The board also works to develop educational and preventative programs and activities for the campus community.

2014-2015 SHARB Members


Ruth Lunt (Administrative Chair)
Samantha George
Julie McQuinn
Steven Spears


Scott Radtke (Education Chair)
Erin Buenzli
Sandy Isselmann
Lisa Sammons
Amy Uecke


Cate Bentley
Hannah Shryer

SHARB Options

Do you feel that you've been a victim of sexual harassment or assault?  Click HERE for information about options and procedures.

Contact Us

There are a number of us available who are ready to listen.  Click HERE for our contact information.

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