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Please take a look at Samantha Schilsky’s documentary about the Lawrence Lifeline Project and the ways it has contributed to the understanding of suicide prevention as a community responsibility.

About Lifeline

To contact a Lawrence University staff member with questions or comments, please use this email:

The Lawrence Lifeline Project is a comprehensive approach to lowering suicide risk factors and enhancing protective factors, including life skills and social networking, among Lawrence students. Lawrence Lifeline will develop and implement culturally competent activities that strengthen infrastructure, and provide training and educational outreach tailored to the unique needs of our campus.

The two mutually reinforcing goals of Lawrence Lifeline project are to (I) Strengthen Systemic and Sustainable Structures to effectively address the mental health needs of students particularly those at high risk; and (II) Change Campus Culture to reduce stigma, reduce suicide risk factors ingrained in the academic and social culture on campus, and promote awareness and use of mental health services.

Our objectives are: (1) to implement project activities in a transparent and inclusive manner, drawing on perspectives and expertise of broad and diverse on- and off-campus constituencies; (2) to develop new and enhance existing training programs for campus personnel and students to recognize, respond to, and refer distressed students, support students affected by suicidal behavior of others, and respond in culturally competent ways; (3) to strengthen internal and external networking infrastructures; (4) to develop comprehensive, culturally appropriate educational outreach approaches tailored to the unique needs of our campus; (5) to monitor, evaluate, assess, and report on program activities to assure sustainability.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In case of an emergency, please call the appropriate number:

Call 911 for immediate help
Counseling Services: 24/7  Crisis Line 920-419-8167

Security:  920-832-6999

Outagamie County Crisis Intervention: 920-832-4646 (24/7)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) (Available 24/7)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Did You Know?

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