Social Wellness Tips

Research shows that those who have healthy relationships or who feel connected with others tend to be more happy.  Being with people can improve our mood and increase our energy.  Additionally, when we are able to connect with others who are going through similar situations as we are, can help provide support.  Also, college is a great time to connect with people you do not know and to meet new people, by doing this we are all able to grow as individuals and we are able to learn from others and be with others. 

Healthy Relationships Tips

  • Keep expectations real, there is no way that someone can be everything we want them to be we are all human
  • Talk to one another, keep the lines of communication open
  • Listen to others when they are talking, provide eye contact, or summarize what someone has told you so they know you are listening
  • Ask others questions, show an interest in what others like or do not like etc.
  • Share information, the way we build relationships is by getting to know each other which is done through sharing about our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 
  • Be flexible we are all busy college students and schedules can be difficult to coordinate.  Additionally allow the relationship to change and grow overtime even though it might be scary.
  • Fight fair, conflict is normal in any relationship but try to
    • cool down before talking
    • Use “I” statements
    • Avoid blaming language and keep your language clear and concise
    • Focus on the present issue not past struggles
    • Take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and say sorry when necessary.
  • Take care of yourself, it’s okay to need alone time or some time to yourself
  • Be affirming we all love encouragement and kind words
  • Remember relationship building is a process and it takes time
  • Most of all BE YOURSELF!!

Connecting with others on campus Tips

  • Try to reach out and talk with peers in your classes, on your sports team, in your greek life, or even at work
  • Look into joining a club on campus
  • Start a new club on campus of something you are interested in
  • Engage in recreational activities put on by the wellness center
  • Try studying with peers in your classes
  • Hangout in places where you can meet people
  • Attend one of many events on campus either going to a sports game or an art show or music concert
  • Get involved on campus either through a club or working or volunteering
  • Host a game night or movie night in the lounge of your dorm


Some of the above information is adapted from UC Davis website and Amherst College Counseling & Health Resources

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