Academic Wellness Tips

College can be a big change from high school academically.  For most students they have a new found freedom in the fact that no one is telling them to go to class or to do homework.  If you notice you are having a difficult time academically try out the following tips.

  • Go to class and try not to miss any class periods
  • If you miss class obtain the notes from a friend and connect with your Professor
  • Take notes during class
  • Do your assigned reading and assignments
  • Try to take notes while reading your material
  • Use some type of agenda/planner
    • Plan your day out including class time, study time, and time for fun
    • Split up all your readings/assignments into smaller tasks and work on one at a time
  • Remove all distraction when studying
  • Try to study with your peers
  • Plan ahead when preparing for a test or to complete a project/paper
  • Have small study sessions with breaks rather than one large block of time
  • Connect with a tutor on campus
  • Connect with the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Remember to ASK for help or if you do not understand something, more than likely others have a similar question
  • Take care of yourself emotionally, physically, and socially

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