Living Well

What is living well:
Here at Lawrence we are interested in helping our students achieve overall wellness.  Therefore, our counseling center is stored within our health center because we believe that wellness encompasses emotional, physical, academic, and social well-being.  College is stressful enough which is why we hope to aid in students overall wellness.  Although as a counseling center we are here to help assist with treating mental illness, we believe that one of the best ways to do that is to focus on one’s overall wellness.  Rather than beating yourself up because you might be struggling with anxiety, depression, homesickness, academic challenges, or even connecting socially, we hope that this page will help you find practical tools to help improve your overall wellness.  Much research has shown that mind and body are connected and that all of these areas can impact one another.  Therefore, as a center we are focused on helping students not only improve their mental health wellness, but also to assist students in finding ways to improve all areas of wellness.  Please click on the links to the left titled, emotional wellness tips, physical wellness tips, academic wellness tips, and social wellness tips to learn more about ways to maintain or improve your overall wellness!

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