Environment and Sustainability

This certificate program will give students the tools to learn how to be a steward for the planet, globally and locally. Students will learn about what the Fox Valley is doing to support sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and clean public spaces all while learning how you can do your part.

The certificate program will begin with a backpacking trip to Newport State Park to fully experience our environment as it should be.

Week 1: Students can sign up/apply for the certificate program
Week 2: Orientation/training session
Week 3: Trip to Newport State Park
Week 4: Volunteer and seminar- SLUG
Week 5: Seminar- Greenroots
Week 6: Appleton Solar LLC, Hiett Hall
Week 7: Seminar- Dean Gazza
Week 8: Volunteer at Appleton park
Week 9: Sustainability challenge
Week 10: Recognition and Celebration event, and presentation for campus

Contact Allie Horton with any questions.


Sign up for the program here

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