Arts Advocacy

Mission: Through community engagement, visits from community organizers, and open discussions, students will delve deep into topics of arts advocacy and access, leaving the program informed on the nuances of these complex issues and armed with skills and ideas to become change agents in addressing these issues.

Every other week, we will visit the Boys and Girls Club of Appleton to help prepare and facilitate arts programming for their youth members. We will spend one week exploring various art forms and then the following week implementing an activity with K-12th grade youth. We will likely be partnering with LU student organizations who specialize in various art forms (dance, visual, theater, music, etc). To learn more visit our program flyer and apply here by Friday, September 20, 2019.

Contact Kye Harris with any questions.

Environment and Sustainability

The mission of the program is to help first year Lawrence student gain a local and a global perspective on sustainability issues through volunteering at local farms, attending a sustainability summit, and talking to professionals. Click here for additional information.

Apply here by 9/20/19.

Contact Zhiru Wang with any questions.

Allied Health Community Engagement

Volunteering is an integral aspect of a medical school application.  It communicates devotion to the service of others, and the time spent building skills necessary for successful, sometimes intimate relationships.  The allied health VASE program seeks to connect students going into any of the allied health professions with the opportunity to volunteer, the motivation to do so, and the resources for understanding and maximizing the positive impact.

Viking Ambassadors will explore volunteer opportunities first as a group, and later individually.  Each week they will meet to develop their understanding of what it is to be a compassionate health professional through articles, speakers, and discussion.

Will you be there?

Volunteering outings will be scheduled on weekends for one to two hours.  Group meetings will occur weekly in Andrew Commons on Monday nights at 6 pm.

Contact Sophie Dion-Kirchner with any questions.

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Elder Advocacy

The Elder Advocacy VASE program aims to provide a learning experience for Lawrentians. The program will ask Lawrentians to ponder: Why should college age individuals care about the needs of the elder community? Why do inter-generational relationships matter? The program seeks first-year Lawrentians to work and engage with the questions above, but does not require students to be an expert in these questions in order to apply. However, interested students should have the curiosity to answer these questions.

This schedule is subject to changes:

Week 1: Apply for the program
Week 2: Selection process
Week 3: Volunteer with Appleton Volunteer Center (time and place TBD)
Week 4: MLK Day! Empower elders at Brewster Village by creating six word memoirs that can be shared with the community that cares for them.
Week 5: Volunteer training: Ethical Service Engagement
Week 6: Vicky Liang ‘19, Elder Advocacy Program Coordinator presentation. Homework: elder topics research
Week 7: Volunteer activities at Brewster Village
Week 8: Share what you’ve learned and consider proposing a service project (informal)
Week 9: Celebration and Certificate

Contact Vicky Liang with any questions.

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Equal Access to Education

MISSION: The Equal Access to Education VASE Program will provide Lawrentians with a service-based experience that will 1). help Lawrentians articulate why ensuring equal access to education is important and 2). understand the privilege students have in their journey within the various systems of education. This program hopes to spark a large conversation about an individual’s most basic right to a free and quality education. The essential question we will work around is: Why Education? There are no requirements of Lawrence students, but please come in eager to learn and occasionally volunteer.

This subject is subject to changes:

WEEK 1: Apply for the program
WEEK 2: Selection Process
WEEK 3: Intro to Equal Access to Education & Education Road Maps
WEEK 4: Speaker – Professor: Education at Large
WEEK 5: Dinner Discussion: Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Education
WEEK 6: Speaker - Diversity and Inclusion
WEEK 7: Boys and Girls Club or Fox Valley Literacy Council Trip
WEEK 8: Early Childhood Learning Center -Youth Learning Programs Trip
WEEK 9: Presentation of Different Programs Focused on Education
WEEK 10:  Celebration and Certificate

Contact Papo Morales with any questions.

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Fair Housing and Hunger

The Fair Housing and Hunger VASE program aims to provide a learning experience for Lawrentians. The focus of this program will be fair housing and hunger in the Fox Valley. This program will attempt to follow the trajectory of homelessness from the Pillars Warming Shelter to the Health and Home Safety Workshop, the final class that Habitat for Humanity future homeowners must attend before getting a house. The purpose of this program is to get Lawrentians engaged with the struggles of fair housing and hunger in the Fox Valley community and encourage them to do consistent and meaningful volunteering in a way that benefits both sides.

This schedule is subject to changes
Week 1: Apply for the program
Week 2: Selection process
Week 3: TBD
Week 4: MLK Day Event Participation
Week 5: Serve a meal at the Fox Valley Warming Shelter
Week 6: Speaker from Fork Farms
Week 7: Rock the Block
Week 8: Health and Home Safety Workshop
Week 9: Celebration and Certificate

Contact Barbara Espinosa with any questions.

Applications are currently closed for this program.