Volunteer Recognition

While Lawrentians are often too humble to seek recognition for their continued volunteer efforts, the VCSC works to show others what meaningful work is being done in the community. Creating a personalized volunteer experience that uses their interests teaches students to do more than give - it shows them how to make volunteering a way of life! If you would like to nominate a student for recognition, please send us an email.


Irene Durbak '17 volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley this past summer. She spent her days giving music lessons to kids ages 6 to 13. She dedicated over 300 hours of service at the CLUB. She aspires to be a music teacher and is currently part of the music education program. She hopes to continue working with elementary aged students and teaching them about different types of music.

"Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club was a wonderful experience! I can't imagine spending my summer any other way. These kids inspired me to do better" -Irene


Alex Kurki '17 is a dedicated volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley. Since the fall of his freshman year, Alex has been giving weekly guitar lessons to both children and teens.Back in high school, giving guitar lessons was just part of his job. However, Alex mentions that volunteering at the Club is more rewarding than getting paid for it because it can change the lives of many students. Alex's goal is to recruit enough volunteers to provide lessons for students everyday of the week. His hope is that this will allow students to receive additional instruction.

"When comparing the amount of my free time I have to sacrifice and the amount of good it does, it is definitely worth it. People have unlimited potential and by volunteering in this manner, I can help them reach it." -Alex


Monica Paniagua '17 is a devoted volunteer both on and off campus.She is involved with many organizations, including LARY Buddies, Brewster Buddies, VITAL Tutoring, and the Fox Valley Literacy Council. Usually, Monica serves her community at least 10 hours a week. A large part of her motivation comes from the gratitude she feels towards people who helped her during difficult times in the past. She is currently the VITAl Tutor coordinator, recruiting Lawrentians to tutor students from the Greater Appleton community for an hour/week. Not only does she enjoy her job but she also goes above and beyond, currently tutoring 3 VITAL tutees. As VITAL coordinator she hopes to continue volunteering and to motivate others to do the same.

"I don't think I have ever accomplished anything without the help of someone else. Volunteering is my way of showing appreciation for those who have helped me, and hoepfully instilling the same motivation in someone else." -Monica


Learn more by reading our “Report to the Community,” a snapshot highlighting the college’s ongoing efforts to contribute meaningfully to the well-being and vibrancy of the greater Fox Valley. The report showcases some of the ways local resources contribute to Lawrence’s educational mission and in turn, how Lawrence brings economic strength and quality of life to the community.

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