Religious Holidays for the 2015-2016 Year

Following is a calendar of religious holidays including the faith tradition in which it is celebrated. While this list is not comprehensive, it indicates the major holidays of religious faiths currently represented in the Lawrence community. These include Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. If you wish to make suggestions regarding the recognition of a religious holiday or a religious faith, contact the Office of Communications.


September 14-15 Rosh Hashanah—Jewish

September 23 Yom Kippur—Jewish

September 23 Eid al-Adha—Muslim

September 27-October 4 Sukkot—Jewish

October 5 Shemini Atzeret—Jewish

October 6 Simchat Torah—Jewish

November 1 All Saints Day—Christian

October 23 Ashura—Muslim (predominantly Shi'a)

November 29 First Day of Advent—Christian

December 8 Bodhi Day—Buddhist

December 7-14 Hanukkah—Jewish

December 25 Christmas Day—Christian


February 10 Ash Wednesday—Christian

March 24 Purim—Jewish

March 20 Palm Sunday and the Beginning of Holy Week—Christian

March 25 Good Friday—Christian

April 22-30 Passover—Jewish

March 27 Easter Sunday—Christian

May 4 Lailat al Miraj—Muslim

June 12-13 Shavuot—Jewish

May 15 Pentecost—Christian

May 20 Wesak (United Nations observance)—Buddhist

June 6–July 5 Ramadan—Muslim

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