LUCC Cabinet Officers

Max Loebl, President
Jo-Hanna Rifai, Vice President
Harry Broderick, Treasurer
Kyle Labak, Parliamentarian
Madi Gardner, General Secretary
Emma Liu, Finance Secretary
Open, Public Relations Secretary

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LUCC Representatives 2016-17

Class of 2017
Andres Capous
Regina Cornish Morales
Jacob Dalton
Alex Krzoska

Class of 2018
Oswaldo Gomez (Fall) /Harrison Barber (Winter, Spring)
Nauman Khan
Mariela Ortega
Bane Toure

Class of 2019
Umer Amer
Jazleen Galvez
Alice Luo
Kazuma Noguchi
Class of 2020

To be elected Fall Term

Faculty Reps

Lifongo Vetinde
Ben Tilghman (Fall) / Brian Piasecki (Winter and Spring)
Nancy Truesdell, Vice President of Student Affairs

Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students, LUCC advisor

LUCC Committee Chairs - 2016

Steering Committee:  Max Loebl
Finance Committee:  Jo-Hanna Rifai
Polling, Elections, & Leadership Committee: Kyle Labak
Publicity Committee:
Residence Life Committee: 
Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA):  Guilberly Louissaint
Environmental Responsibility Committee (ERC):  Pragyan Sigdel
Committee on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE):  Anita Li
Student Welfare Committee (SWC): Coleen Nowlan
Student Alliance Against Sexual Harrasment & Assault: Casey Shearson
Athleic & Conservatory Engagement: Lewis Berger & Annie Mercado
Judicial Board: Amy Hutchings

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