The Judicial Board is a standing committee of LUCC and is responsible for adjudicating alleged violations of the Social Code. The Judicial Board at Lawrence is mainly student run. While the Board does have an advisor, the Dean of Students, the advisor is a non-voting member of the Board. While many feel that the Board is for the strict purpose of adjudicating cases, its main goal is education which is achieved through campus outreach and hearing sanctions that are educational, rather than punitive, in nature.

Judicial Board Members

Zach Ben-Amots, chair
Tyler Lueck
Mallory Speck
Adam Tenasaputra
Henry Ward
Amy Hutchings
Miquel McGhee
Mia Bowens
Neal Bauer
Taylor Gardner
Karen Kerschke
Hallie Hillemann

Nancy Truesdell, advisor, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Raymond House, (920) 832-6596

Curt Lauderdale, advisor, Associate Dean of Students for Campus Programs, (920) 832-6789

Rose Wasielewski, advisor, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life, (920) 832-7203

Feel free to contact any member of the Board. We are primarily a resource for information. If you talk to one of the members about a possible violation of the Social Code, you have no obligation to continue the talks or to start a formal investigation.

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