Combination Rule

To accommodate those students who do not need one housing assignment for all three terms (studying off campus, taking a leave, living for a term in a group house), students may combine with other students who are in the same situation complementary terms. All the housing needs for all students involved must be fulfilled through the combination. This would allow the students to choose during their scheduled time in the housing lottery, rather than choosing at the end of the process.

Example #1-combining for a single: Joe will be gone 1st term; Matt will be gone 2nd term and 3rd term. These two students may combine to create a single person for the purposes of picking a room. They may choose housing during single room selection since this combination will fulfill their housing needs for the year.

Example #2 combining for a double: Mark will be gone first term, Jack will be gone 2nd term, and Sam will be gone 3rd term. These three students may all pick a double room together because Jack & Sam will live together first term, Mark & Sam will live together 2nd term and Jack & Mark will live together 3rd term. They may then pick in the normal housing lottery because this combination fulfills all their housing needs.

Whose lottery number do we use if we're doing the combination rule?

If students are combining to get a single room or a double room, the lowest (best) lottery number is used during selection.

If students are combining for a suite/quad/triple room, the numbers are averaged based on the amount of time each student will live in the room.

Example of lottery average for students combining for a quad:

Lottery #s: Jack = 2000, Steve = 2400, Jason = 3000, Bob = 3100, Frank = 3300

Jack, Steve, and Jason will be in the room all three terms. Bob will only need housing terms 1 and 2. Frank will only need housing term 3. Their numbers will be averaged as follows:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Jack = 2000 Jack = 2000 Jack = 2000
Steve = 2400 Steve = 2400 Steve = 2400
Jason = 3000 Jason = 3000 Jason = 3000
Bob = 3100 Bob = 3100 Frank = 3300

Total of all lottery numbers = 31,700

Average lottery number (Total divided by 12) = 2642

How do I find students who are looking to use the combination rule?

Please click here to find students looking to combine for the housing lottery.  Please note that you will need to log in to the page with your Lawrence username and password.  Click "Login" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

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