2012-2013 LUCC Budget Request

Welcome to the new budget web form! Please fill this form out honestly, completely, and by the deadline of April 18th. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact LUCC at lucc@lawrence.edu. All fields in this form are required unless otherwise noted.

For all, * denotes a required field

Off Campus Events
Ex: Conventions, Workshops, Competition

For each Off Campus Event you plan on attending, please provide the following information:

1.Name of Event*
2.Term of Event* {Choose Fall, Winter, Spring Break, Spring}
3.Estimated Number of Members attending*
4.Total Cost*
5.Description of Event, including the below information when relevant,

a.Location of Event
b.How the event will further your Statement of Purpose, Mission Statement, or Organizing Document
c.Prospective Date of Event
d.Breakdown of expenses:

iii.Travel (Lawrence Vans are 50 cents/ mile)
iv.Other (please specify)

e. Any other relevant facts about the Off Campus Event

II. On Campus Programming
Ex.: Speakers, Concerts, Events, Food, Movies, Consumable Items

Any item that an organization does not plan on keeping and storing in inventory after its use is considered a Consumable Item.

  1. Name of Event*
  2. Term of Event* (Choose Fall, Winter, Spring Break, Spring)
  3. Estimated Attendance*
  4. Total Cost*
  5. Description of Event, including the below information when relevant,
    1. How the event with further your Statement of Purpose, Mission Statement, or Organizing Document
    2. Prospective Date of Event
    3. Breakdown of expenses, as detailed as possible (Publicity costs should be put into the Office Supplies Category)
    4. Any other relevant facts about the program
III. Office Supplies and Advertising

Please check one of the boxes below. Traditionally LUCC funds office supplies up to $50. This covers items such as copies, signs, posters, advertising, etc.

If you feel your group requires more than $50, state the amount required and describe the reasons in the space provided.

IV. Non-Consumable Items

1.Any item or group of similar items valued over $50 - that after its use - is placed in a group's inventory is considered a Non-Consumable Item.
2.Upon the groups purchase of a Non-Consumable Item, it is expected Charity Rasmussen be provided with the description of the item (as detailed below) and where that item will be stored.
3.Groups are expected to maintain a record of their own inventory and to submit that list to Finance Committee during the Budget Process, the Second Week of Winter Term, the Second Week of Third Term, and the Tenth Week of Third Term.

For each Non-Consumable Item, please provide the following information.

  1. Name*
  2. Total Cost*
  3. Location Item Will Be Stored*
  4. Description, including the following information when applicable
    1. Model and Serial Number
    2. How the purchase will further your Statement of Purpose, Mission Statement, or Organizing Document
V. Other Expenses

For each Other Expense, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of Expense*
  2. Cost of Expense*
  3. Term of Expense (Fall, Winter, Spring Break, Sping)*
  4. Description of Expense, including where applicable the following information
    1. What the expense is*
    2. How the expense will further your Statement of Purpose, Mission Statement, or Organizing Document
VI. Fundraisers

For each Fundraiser, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of Fundraiser*
  2. Expected Amount Fundraised*
  3. Description of Fundraiser*
VII. Total Budget Request

Please list your total expenditures from sections I, II, III, IV, and V.


Please total your expenditures. This will be your 2013-2014 budget request.


Regulations Governing Student Organizations

Please be familiar with the sections of the Student Handbook regarding student organizations.  These sections are labeled “Organization Finances,” “Organization Fundraising,” and “Organization Legislation.” The Student Handbook is available in PDF form.

I am familiar with those sections listed above. In particular, this budget request complies with the budget guidelines in section I.C.4 in Organization Finances of the student handbook.

Please list your current and future financially responsible member.

Current (2012-2013)

Future (2013-2014)

The future financially responsible member is aware of and has been involved in this budget process.

After submitting this request and an inventory sheet, you will be contacted to schedule a budget hearing.

... certify that all information submitted to the Campus Life Office and the Lawrence University Community Council is accurate and truthful. I also certify that I have read all pertinent legislation in the Student Handbook relating to budgets of student groups

***Notice:  This paperless format is new for LUCC, please download a copy for your records, in the event of any issues with this form. If you do not save a copy and LUCC does not receive your submission, we are not responsible for late applications.***

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