We are excited to announce that come winter term we will have a new, robust volunteer management system called GivePulse. In the meantime, please use this webform to record your volunteer activity, and we will post it to your co-curricular transcript on Voyager.

One-Time Opportunity
On-going Service
If you have more hours to report, list the date and the number of hours in the text field.
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Please consider the following reasons to record your volunteer hours:

1. It makes you look good. When you are interviewing for a job, writing your resume, or asking a professor to write you a recommendation for grad school, you can show others what great work you do.

2. It makes you feel good. It is very rewarding to be able to look back on the ways in which you have helped the community throughout your time at Lawrence.

3. It helps the Volunteer Center support volunteerism. Having a record of Lawrentians' service helps the Volunteer Center obtain more funding to better support service activities.

4. It makes Lawrence look good. Having a record of Lawrentians' service also helps us demonstrate Lawrence's high level of commitment to service.

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