Volunteer Recognition

While Lawrentians are often too humble to seek recognition for their continued volunteer efforts, the VCSC works to show others what meaningful work is being done in the community. Creating a personalized volunteer experience that uses their interests teaches students to do more than give - it shows them how to make volunteering a way of life! If you would like to nominate a student for recognition, please send us an email.

Tammy Tran '14 became interested in volunteering while she was a member of her high school’s chapter of GlamourGals. Here on campus, she volunteers at COTS teaching women computer skills, as a VITAL tutor, and recently she began a campus chapter of GlamourGals. GlamourGals goes out to local nursing homes and provides the women there with company, conversation, and beauty treatments.

As to Lawrentians and volunteering, Tammy believes that “more people should do it. The Appleton community has a lot to offer, and you can be exposed to so much more.” She also believes that “volunteering is a two-way street.” You do something selfless for somebody else (which takes a lot to be able to do), and at the same time, you build skills and learn the value of your community.

Nathan Fearing '14 volunteers as a LARY Buddy, VITAL tutor, Hospice Friendly Visitor, and dinner server at the Warming Shelter. Nathan's commitment to giving back stems from wanting to make a difference. He strives to "be there for others when they are in need." Nathan says that he has "grown as a person through the interactions with different people while volunteering" and it is "a great way to learn what else is out there," as the hardest part can often be taking that first step to get off campus.

Cayla Rosche '13 has been volunteering for years. In fact, she has been making it a priority ever since she realized how much the kindness of others has touched her life. She describes her thoughts about her attitude about volunteerism as “kind of like the movie ‘Pay It Forward.’ Once you’ve been touched, you’ll be more likely to help someone else.” The most enjoyable part about volunteering is, for her, knowing that she has helped someone and changed their life a little bit. She volunteers with SAI, NAFME (National Association for Music Education), her residents in Plantz, and church. As a sophomore, she became the outreach chair for SAI and decided to bring the focus of the group back to service and community outreach. “The SAI sisters were brought together through focusing on the community,” says Cayla.

Her advice to people who want to become volunteers? “Find something you’re passionate about, find the need in the community, and just go do it. Make it a priority. If you say you’re going to work out from 2-3, go volunteer from 3-4. Just go do it!”

Corinne Kocher '14 volunteers her time at Harbor House and as a LARY Buddy. At Harbor House, she recently started a tutoring program for the children and women living there. Harbor House, Appleton’s domestic violence shelter, was a great fit for Corinne because it combined her “interests in women’s issues and working with kids. It’s unique and locally tailored to the community’s needs.”

Corinne volunteers because she has always loved working with kids. “Being in college, I missed being around kids,” she says. For people who also like kids, she recommends volunteering as a LARY Buddy. “It’s a great program. It’s low commitment, it gets you off campus, and you get to spend time with great kids.” Corinne got involved through the VCSC, which, as she says, “is a really good resource. Classes aren’t the only part of your education. Volunteering teaches you something you can’t learn from a book. People who stay on campus all the time are missing out.”

Learn more by reading our “Report to the Community,” a snapshot highlighting the college’s ongoing efforts to contribute meaningfully to the well-being and vibrancy of the greater Fox Valley. The report showcases some of the ways local resources contribute to Lawrence’s educational mission and in turn, how Lawrence brings economic strength and quality of life to the community.

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