LARY Buddy application

If you would like to apply to be a LARY Buddy mentor, please fill in each field below and click the submit button once. If you prefer to complete a paper version of this form, please email

*Please note that to become a LARY Buddy mentor you will also be asked to complete a Background Check form which will be sent to you via campus mail as soon as we receive your application (either electronically or in hard copy). Once you fill out the Background Check form, you must return it to the VCSC (stop into Raymond House, or campus mail your application to: VCSC, Raymond House) before your application will be considered for acceptance into the LARY Buddy Program.

Thanks for taking the time to apply!

General Information
Please use the space provided to list your most recent experiences working with youth. Example: Fox Valley Boy’s and Girl’s Club Volunteer, March - June 2012
Please type your answer to the following question in the space provided. The interviewer will be looking for a thoughtful answer, so please take time to answer the question honestly and fully. However, do not exceed one typed, doubled-spaced page, or approximately 250 words. What qualities, characteristics, or experiences do you have to offer a disadvantaged youth? How do you plan on using these characteristics to be a successful LARY Buddy? Summarize the most important things you hope to take away from this experience.
LARY buddy interest
Thank you for your interest in the LARY Buddy program and taking the time to complete this application. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the LARY Buddy Coordinator.
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