Hmong Youth Pride and Empowerment, or HYPE, is a youth empowerment program that originated through Lawrence University and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley partnership as a way to connect Hmong youth to college students, expose them to other cultures, familiarize them with their roots, as well as showcase their personal interests and talents.

Now, at Roosevelt Middle School, Lawrence students lead HYPE with a mission to foster empowerment in Hmong youth by providing a space to share ideas, bridge the gap of cross-cultural misunderstanding, and provide various activities focused on youth development and empowerment.



Through weekly meetings and special events, HYPE hopes to promote the following traits in the teens so that they are comfortable and able to make educated life decisions:

•Academic Support and Mentoring
•Community Awareness
•Cross Cultural Competence including Hmong Culture
•Encouraging Confidence in the Classroom and Social Situations
•Preparation for Higher Education
•Relationship Building
•Self-Awareness and Empowerment


Led by Lawrence students, HYPE meets every Thursday from 4:00pm-6:00pm  during the academic year.


Could you or your organization provide mentoring, programming or other services for HYPE?
Email Jaime Gonzalez or Veronica Thao to get involved. We appreciate your support!



What do teens have to say about HYPE?

"I like that we learn about Hmong culture and many other things."

"We got to know each other and we know how to play a lot of games."

HYPE made a difference in my life because... "Happy, fun, smile, know a lot of different things."

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