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The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to help provide the resources necessary for all students to express and explore culture and identity. OMA collaborates with other campus departments, as well as student and community organizations to maximize programming, and engage and educate a larger audience about cultural awareness, personal identity, and social justice.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs presents: Zohra Sawari


“I’m Not a Terrorist”

Wednesday, April 22


Esch Hurvis

`Terrorism' and `terrorist' as the latest media buzzwords: Do you know who a `terrorist' is? Is it a man with a beard, or is it a woman in a veil? Muslims worldwide are being stereotyped and labeled as `terrorists.' Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Have you ever stopped to think what Islam actually has to say about `terrorism'? Find the answers to all the above questions and more from Zohra Sawari. Zohra is passionate about helping others view the world through new lenses: "We need to be tolerant and respect all of humanity."

Join us as we hear a unique and thought provoking perspective on a growing issue!


Winter Term 2015 Student Spotlight

Jaime Gonzalez is a junior and studying anthropology. For him, diversity is enjoying food, dance, music and Social Justice. Diversity is “the acknowledgement and appreciation of people from all backgrounds, ideas, and expressions.” He believes, “You can’t think about diversity without Social Justice as both are connected and extremely important. Social Justice moves beyond equality and embraces difference by moving toward a more equitable and inclusive society."

For this reason, Jaime felt that participating in the die in this year was one of his most memorable experiences. He felt it “got everyone else comfortable with the idea that diversity is important”. He also enjoyed the process as a whole, from undercover planning to participate in the die in.
Jaime participates in VIVA, CODA, and GLOW, all of which have a focus on multicultural affairs. Jaime is vice chair of CODA, a committee that focuses on bringing individuals from a variety of clubs together. Aside from these extra-curricular activities, through working at the Volunteer Center as the Resource and Diversity Coordinator, Jaime also Co-leads a Hmong Youth Pride and Empowerment Group at Roosevelt Middle School. Jaime runs empowerment workshops, such as transitioning into high school, self-image and learning about cultures.

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The Diversity Center is located on the lower level of Memorial Hall, across from the Viking Room (VR).  Check out the study room, kitchen, resource library, OMA offices, and chill with the staff. 

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