Health Insurance for International Students

Lawrence requires all international students to have sickness and accident insurance. The cost of health care, especially hospitalization, is very expensive in the United States. Even a short illness can have a high cost associated with it. Students, therefore, must have health insurance to protect themselves from the effects of those costs. Each international student at Lawrence is automatically enrolled in the program and billed for the cost unless the insurance waiver card is submitted by July 1. The cost for the insurance plan was $1,148.00 for the 2016-2017 year.

To waive insurance, students must demonstrate that they have U.S. coverage that is similar to Lawrence's plan and complete the waiver before the July 1 deadline by downloading the International Health Insurance Waiver and submitting it to or completing the International Waiver on-line.

This insurance does NOT cover injuries associated with varsity athletics. If you plan to participate in a varsity sport, you must purchase appropriate insurance.  See the "International Student Athletes" category below for more information. 

The sickness and accident insurance plan available through Lawrence is administered by SAS, Student Assurance Services, Inc. using the Consolidated Health Plans (CHP). All questions about coverage and claims should be directed to CHP (contact information is on the provided student insurance card mailed to insured individuals each year).

International Student Athletes

International athletes need to have an NCAA approved insurance policy either in addition to the Student Assurance Services policy or instead of the policy.  Athletes who have evidence of an alternative policy must submit a waiver to ISS by July 1st each year so they are not automatically enrolled and billed for the international student insurance policy.

For more information or for additional/alternative policy options, athletes can contact the Lawrence University Head Athletic Trainer at 920-832-6762 or review the Student Athlete webpage and/or International Student Athlete section.

Health Insurance Resources

Below are a number of resources distributed during orientation that may help you as you make health care decisionsDisclaimer:  The actual contract or plan document must be consulted to determine the governing contractual provision, limitations, or exclusions. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied by Lawrence University or vendors of plan provisions or level of payments.

Health Care in the United States

This video teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the US, how the US healthcare system works and how students should seek medical care appropriately if they become sick or injured.

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