Sophomore Year -Build on Freshman Year!

Explore Career Options with a Major in Mind

  • Continue to update your resume and LUworks profile.
  • Attend the following Career Services events to see how the majors you are interested in can be applied in the work world:
  • Take advantage of the student-sponsored Majors Fair.
  • Start thinking about wheather or not you may want to attend graduate school.
  • Attend: (S2) which will help you uncover your interests and skills, match them to your major, help prepare your resume and start providing you with tools and resources that all college students should know to be successful now and in the future. A Career Advisor will offer you the support and connection you need to launch your Life After Lawrence NOW!
  • Use Winter and Spring Breaks to do informational interviewing or job shadowing to explore your potential major or career. In addition to alumni, talk to neighbors, family friends, parents, etc. about your interests and potential internship opportunities.
  • Consider off-campus study options, such as the London Center, Associated Colleges of the Midwest and IES Abroad, as a way to gain experience in your major. Many programs include research, language immersion, volunterr and internship componets which help build your resume. For more information regarding application deadlines, contact the off-campus programs coordinator.

Plan for Summer

  • Begin taking steps in Fall Term to secure an internship or job in your field of interest for the coming summer. May employers, as well as graduate schools, expect applications to have at least two internships during college.
  • Visit the Internship Summit to see what other students did over the summer.
  • Attend the summer research informational meeting to learn about on-campus or off-campus summer research; speak to professors about summer research opportunities.
  • Attend Internships 102, to learn how to search for summer internships and how Career Services supports you through the process.
  • After attending Internships 102, schedule a meeting with the internship coordinator to further target your search or to discuss next steps.
  • Participate in mock interviews to practice articulating your interests and skills to a third party. Interviewing well is a valuable lifelong skill to have.
  • Use Winter Break to do informational interviews at potential internship sites or even arrange an internship.
  • Use Voyager to search for alumni connections in order to explore your options for Life After Lawrence NOW.

The career development process or journey is about exploring and preparing; actions you will do throughout your lifetime. The process is fluid and will be different for everyone.

The chart below includes suggested activities for each class year as well those which should be ongoing throughout your time at Lawrence, as noted in the center. You should not feel constrained by the year noted and proceed as it makes sense for you. Regardless of where you are in your journey, the Career Services staff is here to help you navigate the necessary steps for your future.

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