Many students complete two to three internships during their college careers!

  • Typically, the prestige and responsibility of internships increase with the level of skill and experience you are able to offer a potential internship site.
  • It is helpful to take more "entry-level" internships early on in your college career.
  • Consider a part-time internship during the academic year or the summer after your first year. You'll find it easier to get more competitive internships later on as you gain experience and have taken more college-level courses.

Many internships have early deadlines!

  • Internships at government organizations such as the FBI, CIA, or State Department have deadlines as early as August or September for the following summer.
  • Most major corporations, at least for their best internships, have deadlines in the fall term. 
  • Smaller organizations and nonprofits, typically have a more generous timeline. 
  • To secure the best internship, it is advantageous to apply to multiple organizations as early as possible.

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