What is an interview?

  • An interview is a dialogue in which you and the employer can meet each other, share information, and come to a tentative conclusion about the “match” that exists between you and the available position.
  • It is an opportunity for you to make an oral presentation of your qualifications and allows you to highlight your strengths.
  • Interviewing is a skill that improves with practice. Each interview provides you with an opportunity to learn more about yourself, the working world, and the types of positions or organizations that match your needs and skills.
  • The interview is one of the last, and often the most important step in the hiring process. Whenever you are invited for an interview, ask who you will be meeting and how much time should be set aside.
  • An interview is a two-way process. The employer is provided an opportunity to assess how well you communicate, how well qualified you are for the position, and your level of motivation. While the employer is determining how well suited you are for the position and organization, you as a candidate should be attempting to identify whether or not you would want to work for the particular organization.
  • Remember that an employer is using the interview to evaluate the “total” you. This includes your attitude, appearance, confidence, level of preparedness, knowledge of yourself, knowledge of the position and organization, and your ability to successfully perform the duties of the position.

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