• Promote the details—What, when, and where.  Remember to tell your audience who is sponsoring the event.  Student group publicity must identify the sponsoring organization or author of the notice.
  • Post your event on the University calendar.
  • Use social media—Facebook, school blogs, and announcements on your organization’s website, Evite, and e-mailing your organization’s listserv.
  • PostersPost flyers, fact sheets, posters, and banners in public places. Individual buildings may have policies regarding internal posting of notices. Check with the building supervisor if you are unsure of appropriate posting locations.  Posting in the Warch Campus Center must be approved by Info Desk before posting.
  • TablingReserve a table in a high-traffic area of the campus center. Display flyers, fact sheets, or brochures about your event.
  • PressSubmit a summary or press release to your school newspaper or radio station, and ask them to publish or announce your event.
  • Coalitions—Build coalitions by asking other student groups to help you advertise and attend your event and by your organization promoting and attending their events in the future.
  • Wear it! Advertise by making shirts or buttons displaying your event information. 

A reminder: Please use masking or painters tape to hang posters, do not use duct tape as it damages surfaces.

Click here to learn how to post on the Campus Center Digital Displays.

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