Committee on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE)

The Committee on Community Service and Engagement is a LUCC committee focused to promote volunteerism on campus. CCSE works to facilitate collaboration and communication between LUCC, volunteer and community service center,  and student groups focusing on volunteerism. CCSE encourages students to experience the unique relationship Lawrentians have with the Appleton community through volunteerism. CCSE works to address the concerns of the Lawrence community in areas of volunteerism and community service.

CCSE also oversees the Humanitarian Grant, a grant awarded to students or student-organizations focused on serving the on-campus community, the Appleton community, or the world at large. Complete the application here.

2019-20 Chair: Gillian Buckardt and Valeria Nunez

Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

The Committee on Diversity Affairs is a sub-committee of LUCC which helps to represent all student identities, especially those that are under-represented, in the decision making process. CODA exists to support different diversity focused organizations on campus by promoting the groups’ events and interests while addressing issues of injustice as they arise, using a social justice framework. CODA provides a safe space to discuss multiple perspectives regarding life at Lawrence as it works to brainstorm and develop solutions to help create a more inclusive campus. 

2019-20 Chair: Jessenia Zelaya Francisco

Resource Center:
A digital resource center which provides a variety of materials related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Any questions regarding the Resource Center or if interested in adding material should be emailed to CODA. 

Residence Life Committee (Res Life)

As a residential campus, housing is an important part of student life at Lawrence, and that’s where the Residence Life Committee (Res Life) comes in! Made-up of students for students, Res Life is responsible for reviewing housing legislation for residence halls and small group houses, informing students of housing procedures, and facilitating the student housing process in the Spring. Some notable changes we’ve undertaken in the last few years include making Hiett Hall completely gender neutral and adding a volunteer project component to Theme House legislation. This committee assists and advises the Dean of Students and Residential Education and Housing Office staff members.

2019-20 Chair: Owen Davies

Amy Uecke, Associate Dean of Students for Residential Education and Housing
Catherine Stern, Assistant Director for Housing and Residential Living
Bonny Sucherman, Assistant Director of Residential Education and Housing & Senior Residence Hall Director

Student Alliance against Sexual Harrassment and Assault (SAASHA)

SAASHA, originally a task-force for LUCC but now an official  standing committee, is committed to ending sexual violence on the Lawrence University campus by facilitating discussion, education, and awareness about issues of sexual misconduct. We aim to connect students with vital resources and implement programs to carry out our mission statement.

2019-20 Chair: Jorgie Urban

Student Welfare Committee

Student Welfare Committee is primarily concerned with effective communication between several campus offices and services and the student body, ITS, Facilities Services, Bon Appetit, and the Library. Students get a chance to work closely with staff to actually make a difference on campus. SWC is a unique place where students, faculty, and staff all have an equal say and all voices are heard.

2019-20 Chair: Sterling Ambrosius-Tolbert

Rose Wasielewski, Associate Dean of Students 
Chris Card, Vice President for Student Life
Peter Gilbert, Director of the Library
Greg Griffin, Director of the Warch Campus Center
Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students
Elizabeth Miller, Director of Financial Services
Dan Meyer, Director of Facility Services
Julie Severance, General Manager of Bon Appetit at Lawrence University