Constitutional Referendum 2014-b

Rationale for the Proposed Constitutional Amendment

LUCC’s General Council has voted to send Constitutional Referendum 2014-b to the students and faculty. If 2/3 of voting students and 2/3 of voting faculty approve this referendum, the LUCC Constitution will be amended as written in Constitutional Referendum 2014-b. The full text of the referendum can be found below. Voting on the referendum will stay open on Voyager until the end of the term.

Referendum 2014-b was proposed to increase student’s ability to be involved with LUCC. Currently, a student must be on campus for Fall, Winter, and Spring term to be eligible to be a student representative on the General Council. LUCC feels this requirement – by preventing any student who is intending to study abroad at some point during the school year – unnecessarily restricts students ability to be involved with LUCC. While there is some benefit to having the same student representatives for all the terms of a year, we do not believe that benefit justifies excluding such a large portion of our campus from being able to be a student representative.

Referendum 2014-b allows individuals to run for student representative positions as a member of a slate of up to three students. Students may submit a slate of up to three students, with one student listed for each term of the academic year. For example, a student who is studying abroad Spring Term can run with another student who will be here Spring Term on a slate with the first student being the representative for Fall and Winter term and the second student being the representative for Spring term.

Again, we believe the proposed change to the constitution will improve student’s ability to participate in LUCC as student representatives, to the benefit of the larger Lawrence community.

Full Text of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment

WHEREAS Article Two in the LUCC constitution currently fails to allow students to participate in LUCC if they are unable to stay on campus for all three terms and inhibits the ability for spring elections to take place;

WE, THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF THE LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY COUNCIL, move to take referendum on changes to Article Two (“Members”) of the LUCC Constitution so that it reads as follows:

Section 1

The Council consists of sixteen student representatives, three faculty representatives, and a president and vice president elected from the student body.

Section 2

The student body, that is degree candidates registered for Lawrence credit during the term of an election, elects representatives from among its members in slates where a student is appointed for each term in the school year in any combination of up to three students. Candidates for election must be in good academic standing.

Section 3

The university faculty, as defined by the by-laws of Lawrence University, elects three representatives from its members at the time that the faculty Committee on Governance presents its annual report to the faculty.

Section 4

Faculty representatives assume office immediately following their election. Student representatives assume office in accordance with their elected slates.

Section 5

A representative is recalled by a petition to the council of two-thirds of the constituency represented or by a unanimous roll call vote by the council, excluding the representative in question.

Section 6

If a slate of student representatives cannot be fulfilled, special elections will be held to fill the vacant term or terms in the slate.

Section 7

Unless already members of the council, the president-elect and vice president-elect serve as nonvoting members.

Winter Term Blog - What have you gained from LUCC thus far?

I have gained awareness of how Lawrence logistically operates as well as everything that is happening around campus by being part of LUCC.  I really hope to become more involved in meetings this term/next term because I now understand how the system operates, and I was rather bashful to voice my opinions during meetings.  I also hope to get more involved not only in meeting but outside of committees as well to make a bigger difference on campus.

-David Jumes, Ormsby & Hiett Halls


LUCC has provided me the opportunity to both better the lives of all Lawrentians and to give back to the Lawrence community.  In addition, LUCC is a group comprised of exceptional individuals, all of whom have a positive impact on both myself and the organization.  I highly recommend that any person considering joining LUCC decides to run!

-Patrick Hearle, Quad Houses


Being a part of LUCC this past term was an excellent way to get an first-hand view into the inner workings of Lawrence.  I loved being able to contribute to the important decisions being made on campus.  Next term, I hope to keep up my involvement in Finance and Public Relations committees and continue representing Lawrentians to the best of my ability!

-Sierra Parker, Sage Hall & Boldt Way Houses


One of the most important things I have learned in the past term is about how the LUCC finance department gives finance support to student organisms. Because the finance department is generous, student organisms can always get fianance support. It is a very great way to keep our community vivid and to benefit students with a bunch of interesting activities. I hope I can learn more about how to deal with the problems about finance in the next term.

-Siyi Sun, Colman & Brokaw Halls


LUCC has enhanced my experience as a Lawrentian in a wide variety of ways. Primarily, the general council meetings have broaden my perspective and help me analyze situations deeply in order to improve the Lawrence community as a whole. I am also learning quite a bit about my school and about formal procedures/protocol in the committee meetings, which will definitely help me in the future. It has been a pleasure to establish a new connection with the other LUCC members because most of them have similar interests/concerns that I personally share. Overall, my involvement in LUCC has given me the opportunity to improve my leadership skills and to prepare for life after Lawrence.

-Daniel Martinez, Trever Hall & the Executives Houses

Understanding school system is essential in organizaing a club. As one of the leading members of the Korean Cultural Club, I could effectively utilize all my knowledges from the LUCC for making activity management fluent. The usage of this understanding is not limited to club activities. It can extends to all aspect of school life, including academics, campus job, residential life, and so on.

-Jason Park, Plantz Hall & the Union Street Houses

Constitutional Referendum

Posted: Monday, January 20th, 2014


LUCC is holding a constitutional referendum to increase the size of General Council from 14 to 16 district representatives, with a corresponding increase in the sizes of Steering and Finance Committees. Constitutional referendum must be approved by 2/3 of voting students and faculty. If approved this increase in size will be the first step in a restructuring of LUCC Representatives along class years.

Currently LUCC representatives are elected based on geographical districts. We’ve found a number of problems with this system and are proposing a switch to elect representatives based on academic class year. Each class year would have 4 representatives, with 5th year and longer students being represented by the senior class representatives. If we were to make this change, we would have four from each of the four classes, giving us 16 representatives. However the LUCC Constitution is written to have 14 student representatives. For that reason we are putting forward the referendum to increase the number of student representatives to 16. If this referendum passes, LUCC would then move forward with the rest of the legislation necessary for this change. There are a number of reasons LUCC believes this change would benefit campus.

The geographic groupings of places of residence seem arbitrary. For example, Representative District 3 is comprised of Sage Hall, Outdoor Recreation Club House and Phi Kappa Tau House. There does not seem to be any reason to group the students living in these buildings together. In contrast, we believe that students grouped by academic years are going through a shared set of experiences and are more likely to have unifying desires and needs.

We feel that the current grouping by geographic grouping fails to bring out campus wide issues. LUCC is set up to be the voice of students to faculty. Our Community Council has purview over non-academic affairs at Lawrence and, it often seems that students do not bring campus wide issues but do bring residence hall issues to their district representatives. However, more often students will simply bring residence hall issues to the attention of the Residence Life staff employed by the university to manage the residence halls and not be in contact with their district representatives at all. By electing representatives by class year, we hope to foster communication on a campus level, bringing out the kinds of campus and class year issues that LUCC is designed to address. Indeed, at this time there seems like a lack of forum for these kinds of issues.

Beyond these positives, we hope that the creation of a forum for class year discussion will further strengthen academic class ties. There are important moments for each year a student is at Lawrence – the beginning of your college experience, declaration of a major, completion of a capstone, and graduation. Certain events for example, the Freshman class dinner during Welcome Week and the Senior Dinner at the end of Spring Term, celebrate these moments. With a stronger class bond, we believe there can be more moments of collective celebration throughout our time at Lawrence, adding to our college experience.

Representative Testimonials: A New Era

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2013

David Jumes
I decided to join LUCC because I wanted to see the difference that student government could make on campus.  It's really awesome to see the process of how prospective clubs become legit and how the school budget is distributed.  It's been a blast so far and I am really excited to see what happens behind the scenes on campus.

Rachel Saba
I joined LUCC because I love to give back to my peers and my community. I have done numerous volunteering jobs and it is a passion of mine to help people. I love Lawrence and it's community so being nominated was an honor. I want to come out of my shell and give the students of LU a voice so we can make the campus and community a better place!

Jason Park
One of the meanings of 'governance' is public management, and this 'public' is usually perceived as that public affairs are managed by the institution in power. However, the 'public' can give very different nuance as it can mean that the governance is practiced by the public. LUCC has the governance over many issues in Lawrence University, and I believe more participation can move the definition of governance from the first one to the second one. This is why I joined LUCC, and for this shift in student governance, LUCC needs everyone's attention, support, criticism, and activeness. As I have done, I hope you can contribute to this shift with your participation.

Sierra Parker
I decided to join LUCC to help get the views of individual Lawrentians heard on a larger scale.  I also wanted to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Lawrence, and to be able to contribute to that process.  I'm really excited to help make the big decisions that can benefit the entire Lawrence community!

Patrick Hearle
For me, LUCC represented a way to give back to the community. Students need a voice at Lawrence, and we represent that voice. Through LUCC, we can implement real, tangible changes to our lives on campus.

Siyi Sun
I want to attain LUCC because I am very curious about how a Lawrence University Community Council works. I also hope to learn what role LUCC plays in resolving the problems around the campus and how LUCC improves Lawrentians' lives in Lawrence University.

Big Event

Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013

For those of you unfamiliar, Big Event is a campus tradition that brings some kind of large act to campus. Past acts included Lewis Black, Ben Folds, Guster and Better than Ezra, Ben Kweller, Girl Talk and Reel Big Fish, and Gym Class Heroes. In its initial conception, Big Event was supposed to happen every other year: a typical (if typical is a word I can use to describe us) Lawrentian would get to see 2 Big Events over their time here.

Last year’s Big Event encountered some difficulties.  $40,000 was set aside by LUCC over the course of the 09-10 and 10-11 school years ($20,000 each year) with the intent of Big Event occurring during 10-11 school year. The $40,000 proved insufficient to draw any of the acts Big Event Committee was considering to Lawrence. During the 11-12 Budget process, LUCC gave Big Event another $10,000 in the hopes $50,000 would be able to get a suitable act.

Big Event Committee got Gym Class Heroes as the headliner with The Oxymorons opening. They  performed for a sold out crowd of 500 students in Esch-Hurvis. Each of those students paid an additional $5 for their ticket. There was some criticism of the band choice, the idea that students had to pay an additional amount, and the choice of venue.

As we come upon the budget process again, I’m asking the campus if Big Event is something our campus wants. There’s nothing that says Big Event must happen. It’s a tradition that may or may not make sense to the present Lawrence. And so the question is: is the $40,000-50,000 of Student Activity fees, our money, being used in a way we want?

I’m looking for opinions, criticism, witty remarks, and any other feedback you feel is relevant. LUCC will be doing polling over the next week but I’d like to get this conversation started. Here are some of the other options we’ve had proposed. Any of these choices or a combination of some/all of them are possible.

1. Make LU-Aroo a much larger event. This year and last year LU-Aroo received ten thousand dollars. With the $20,000 given yearly to the Big Event fund, LU-Aroo could range up to $30,000, strengthening a thoroughly enjoyed Lawrence tradition.
2. Create some kind of Lawrence Improvement Fund. Up to 20,000 would be funnelled into a fund  and students could then apply for grants from the fund to improve aspects of Lawrence. Maybe it’s furnishing a new non-Conservatory band practice space. Maybe we create a bike-share program. Maybe every Lawrentian gets a nice scarf.
3. We can put the $20,000 back into the Student Activity Fund LUCC gives out to Student Organizations every year.

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