What is LUCC?

LUCC is our campus' shared governance council. More than a student government, LUCC's decisions shape campus climate for faculty, staff, and students. At its' core, LUCC is composed of Class Representatives, elected students from each graduating class, and Committee Members, appointed students with special interest in their committee's topic, who speak for and with their peers at every General Council meeting (every other Monday at 4:45). LUCC is the place to field community concerns and issues with input from staff and faculty yet with decision making by students. If you're interesting in becoming involved, send an email to LUCC@lawrence.edu

Re-recognition form 2017 - 2018

**If you are no longer the contact/group leader, immediately go into Voyager -> Student Services Tab -> Organizational Rosters and change the new contact member’s role to “Contact”, and then edit your role to no longer be the contact.**

How to apply for Re-recognition:
As a group leader, you can apply for re-recognition through Voyager.
·        Log in to Voyager.
·        Click the "Student Services" tab
·        Click on "Organization Rosters"
·        Click the Button “Complete LUCC Re-Recognition”

PLEASE BE SURE to not only submit each section of the form by clicking the button towards the bottom left of each screen, but at Step 4, be sure to check each box and hit the overall Submit button.

If there are any issues with the form working properly, please take a screenshot of the issue if applicable (a pop up that says it can’t submit, or an error message) and email both campus_life@lawrence.edu and LUCC@lawrence.edu to inform us about the issue. We will then work on figuring out these issues with Technology Services.


The funding request form should be used by students looking to request new or additional funds from the LUCC general fund, or by groups wanting to reallocate funds from their student organization's current budget.

Finance Committee meets on Thursday evenings starting at 8:00pm.

The funding request form must be submitted by 12pm on Wednesday to be considered for the next Finance Committee meeting agenda.

After you have submitted your request, you will be contacted by email to arrange a time to come to a Finance Committee meeting.

Recognition Requests

The Recognition Request Form should be used students looking to create a new student organization on campus. 
Steering Committee meets at 8:00pm on Tuesday evenings.
Recognition request forms must be submitted by 8:00pm on Monday to be considered for the next Steering Committee agenda. After you have submitted your request you will be contacted by email to arrange a time to come to a Steering Committee meeting.


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