Leave a Record/Legacy

Record keeping is an important part of maintaining a student organization and  transitioning an organization’s leadership. Keeping a history of your student organization will help not only student leaders, but all members, know what has worked well in the past, what has already been done in the past, and what traditions or special events should be carried on into the future.

Here are some suggestions of information to maintain:

  • Meeting Minutes—These would include topics discussed at meetings of the organization, as well as parts of the planning process, how regular meetings proceeded, etc.
  • Program/Event evaluations—These would help to answer questions for future leaders about what the feedback was on certain events, whether the event achieved its goals, and if the group determined it was successful or not at that time.
  • Term End or Year End reportsThese reports can include meeting minutes and program evaluations, and also include thoughts from the leadership about ongoing traditions, ongoing issues, problems faced throughout the year, major achievements, training for leadership, team-building for the organization, etc.
  • TraditionsThese records should track any events that have become a tradition for the organization including task lists, timeline, publicity, estimated expenses, etc.
  • Financial records—All student organizations should be keeping records of their expenses.  These records will help the group plan for the programs and event they will host during the year, and for the LUCC budget process that happens each spring term.
  • ResourcesKeep a list of resources and contact information for people or offices your student organization with which your organization regularly works.
  • RostersStudent organization rosters are kept with the Campus Life office.  Student leaders should keep a list of active group members to reconcile with the campus life roster each term in an effort to keep membership lists as up-to-date as possible and to ensure that student’s participation with a group is being accurately recorded.

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