Access LUCC Funds

Please note that only the one or two financially responsible individuals of an organization will be able to access funds.

Using a Campus Life Credit Card

This is the simplest way to use your organization’s funds. This is particularly appropriate for booking hotels or flights and buying things online. You can do this by talking with the Campus Life Office.  Make sure to record this on your expenses spreadsheet.


You can go shopping on your own, fill out a reimbursement request, and bring receipts to the Campus Life Office. You will need the signature of another member of the organization in order to be reimbursed. After the form is processed, you will be able to take a receipt to the Cashier and get the reimbursement in cash.

Cash Advances

This is the least advisable of the ways to utilize your funds, but is an option. You will need to fill out a Cash Advance Request in the Campus Life Office and take a form to the Cashier. Please do this more than one full business day before you need the money. You will need to account for all of the money with receipts and return any money that was not spent.

Other Funding Information

What can your funds be used for?

Funds can only be spent on items which fall under the categories listed in your budget. You will go into debt if you spend money on things which you do not specifically have funds for. If you do not plan on spending money on the items which they were allocated for and would like money for something else, you may submit a Funding Request Form to reallocate funds for another purpose. If you are unsure of if you can spend money on something, please do not hesitate to ask.

Keeping Track of Your Own Budget

You are expected to keep a record of your own expenses and bring this with you to any transactions with the Campus Life Office and to any meeting with the LUCC Finance Committee. You will not be able to get a print out of your spending report from the Campus Life Office.

Dues and Fundraising Money

Any money to be deposited into an organization’s budget should be brought to the Campus Life Office to be counted.  At that point, a deposit slip will be written out which should be brought to the Business Office and deposited into the correct account.

Van Costs

The cost for student organizations to rent Lawrence vans is 50 cents per mile. To rent a vehicle, come to the Campus Life Office to submit a vehicle reservation request. When you rent a van you will be asked to record the number of miles driven. Keep track of this number and multiply by .5 so that you can record the total cost in your own record of expenses.

Making Copies

Student Organizations who wish to make copies must have been allocated an Office Supplies budget, and must inform LUCC of how much of that money should be used for making copies. Each organization will be issued a card which will have that amount on it to be swiped at the copy machine on the 4th floor of the Campus Center. The cards will be kept at the Info Desk, and must be returned after copies are made.

Requesting Additional Funds

Any individual or organization can request additional funding at any point during the year through filling out a Funding Request Form and returning it to the LUCC Office (Warch Campus Center 413).  Keep in mind that money must be requested before the event or purchase takes place, as Finance Committee does not allocate money retroactively. Upon submitting a request you will be asked to come in to meet with Finance Committee, at which you must have an up to date record of your organization’s expenses. At least one of the financially responsible individuals must submit the request, and should be at the Finance Committee meeting unless this is not a possibility.

Useful Contacts

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about LUCC finances.

Contact LUCC Vice President by emailing
Contact the Campus Life office by emailing

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