Spend the Group's Money

Many student organizations receive budgets from LUCC to support events, lectures, trips and other programming efforts of their organization. Once funds have been awarded they can be accessed by using a university credit card (preferred method), cash advance, or individual reimbursement. Each student organization must determine one or two people each year to serve as their financial designee. The financial designees work closely with the Campus Life office to approve and track student organization expenditures.

Learn more about accessing your LUCC funds here.

Student organizations can request additional funds from LUCC by completing a funding request form.

If a student organization has money allocated for a specific expense but would like to use those funds for a different purpose the organization will need to submit a funding request form and meet with the LUCC Finance Committee to propose a reallocation of funds.

Students interested in spending their organization’s funds should review information about club and organization finances in the Student Handbook. Student organizations are expected to maintain their own budget records and may regularly reconcile their budgets with Campus Life records.

Student groups contemplating the collection of membership dues or holding a fundraiser should work closely with the Campus Life office to ensure that funds are collected and deposited appropriately. Students organizations should be familiar with the organization fundraising guidelines in the Student Handbook.

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