Elect and Transition Leadership

Each student organization may have varying ways of electing new leadership, but there are a few ways in which all student organization leadership and transition should be similar:


One of the fairest ways to have new leadership step up is through some sort of selection process. This can take almost any form (nomination, appointment, election, etc.), as long as all members of the group believe it is fair and they have an equal opportunity to run for a position. Each student organization should write into its by-laws, constitution, or organizational agreements how they will elect or determine new leaders each year and when during the year it will happen. Student groups should inform the Campus Life Office of new leadership once they have been selected.

Position Descriptions

It is difficult to fulfill a position without knowing what is expected! Having position descriptions for all of your leadership positions within your organization (whether very formal positions or chairpersons who oversee a committee) will help ensure people understand what they should be accomplishing, and what others in the group can look to if they are interested in being elected for a position. For examples of position descriptions, you can look at the LUCC positions in the Student Handbook for ideas.


This process through LUCC happens early Term 3 of each academic year. LUCC’s leadership transitions at the end of Term 2 and beginning of Term 3. Every student organization should mirror this transitional period to make re-recognition flow more smoothly. This allows the new leader(s) to work with the previous leader(s) during the beginning of Term 3 and ask questions as needed, instead of having a situation where senior leaders have graduated already and a new leader transitions in the fall without the ability to easily be guided or ask questions. If you have questions about the re-recognition process, you can find the form at the LUCC website

Sharing Information

This is one of the most important parts of transitioning your organization’s leadership. How will the new leaders of your student organization know what has worked well in the past, what has already been done in the past, and what traditions or special events should be carried on into the future? By keeping records and sharing information! For more info on leaving your legacy and keeping records, view information on Leaving a Legacy/Records, below.

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