Start a New Student Group

Students may want to form a new organization to explore and share with other students those interests that are not already reflected in existing campus organizations. The Campus Life staff can provide advice and support to further the growth of organizations. Specific areas of support may include the following:

  • Organizational structure, budgeting, fundraising, and official recognition through LUCC
  • Publicity materials and organizing documents
  • Facilities access for initial organizational meetings
  • University and local resources that may support the new organization
  • Assistance contacting prospective members and prospective advisors

Students interested in forming a new organization should review information about clubs and organizations in both the Student Handbook and LUCC recognition documents found on the LUCC website.

Campus organizations are encouraged to have faculty or staff advisors and can often benefit from these relationships. Advisors can help students better negotiate campus policies and procedures, and are usually aware of a range of resources available to support the work of the organization.

For more information on creating a student organization please contact the Campus Life office at 920-832-6600, or visit our office on the 4th floor of the Warch Campus Center.

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