“How can I drop a course?"

In the first two weeks, you may drop a class and it will be canceled from your record. That is, the course will not appear on your formal transcript. You may not cancel a course you have attended after the second week.

Between the end of the 2nd week and end of the 7th week, you may withdraw passing from a class if you are passing. This withdrawal can be done through the completion of a withdrawal form available from the Registrar, your advisor, or the Center for Academic Success, Briggs Hall, first floor. The form requires the signature of your advisor and verification from the instructor that you are passing. (Exceptions exist and require a petition. These exceptions are described on the WP form.)  If you withdraw passing, you will receive a WP on your transcript. The WP does not count in your GPA.

After the end of the 7th week, you may not withdraw passing from a course except for circumstances beyond your control. If this is the case, you may petition the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration for an exception to the faculty legislation. Please be aware that circumstances beyond your control do not include waiting until you have received grades in the course to evaluate your standing, but do include illness, family problems or other personal issues.

You may withdraw failing from a course any time until the last day of classes. This decision is registered as a WF on your transcript and counts like "F" in your GPA. If you wish to withdraw from a course in which you are failing, you must make an appointment with Dean Wickens, call Lisa at 832-6530.

“Can I get an extension?"

You may request an extension for an assignment or exams/other written exercises from the instructor. In most cases, the instructor will want information which indicates circumstances beyond your control such as illness. Quite often an instructor will require you to discuss these circumstances with Dean Wickens and ask for formal verification of your circumstances.

If the reasons for your request are private and confidential, you may also choose to discuss these with the Counseling Center staff: Kathleen Schiltz, Kadihjia Kelly, Marie Stafford and Andrea (Andy) Guenther-Pal (832-6574). These individuals can help you determine what options may help you.

If an extension goes beyond the end of the term, you must request an incomplete. Please see the section on incompletes.

“How can I take an incomplete?"

A student cannot "take" an incomplete. A student should discuss his/her options with the instructor and then request the incomplete from the Center for Academic Success before the last day of classes.

The deans will make a decision based on guidelines set by the faculty and in consultation with the instructor. Please note: faculty legislation allows incompletes for students who have fallen behind because of extenuating circumstances so they may have an opportunity to catch up, but it is not granted to allow students more time to “do a better job.”

"Can I take a course S/U?"

In the first two weeks of a term, students who have completed 54 units of credit may decide to take one course per term outside their major or minor on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. No more than four S/U grades may be listed on your transcript.

The S/U option may be used to explore a new area of study, but should not be used to relieve stress or workloads later in the term. That is why the faculty set the second week of the term deadline. A student may not chose an S/U option after the end of the second week of class, and petitions to add this option late are rarely approved.

The instructor does not know when a student chooses this option. The registrar will convert the grade from the instructor to a satisfactory (C- or above) or unsatisfactory (D+ or below) grade, neither of which counts in the student’s grade point average. A student can choose to change a S/U back to a letter grade at any time while enrolled at Lawrence by contacting the registrar’s office.

"What can I do about changing an exam?"

If you wish to change an examination time during the term, you should follow the procedures for extensions.

If you wish to change the time for a final examination, you must petition the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration by Tuesday of the ninth week of classes. Petitions are approved for students who have three exams in a row or have exceptional circumstances. Petitions are not approved for travel, for vacations, or for "spacing" exams for studying.  PLEASE NOTENo exam change will be made to accommodate travel arrangements. The Subcommittee on Administration will DENY any such petition even if it means you will forfeit a pre-purchased ticket. No exceptions will be made—even for international travel. Remember to petition for exceptional circumstances PRIOR to ticket purchase.


Planning ahead and anticipating problems can positively affect the outcome of your term, particularly when you are experiencing difficulties.


  • your advisor, or
  • the Center for Academic Success

can help you make better decisions and allow you more options. They are available to discuss your situation and your options all term.  Please call Lisa at 832-6530 to set up an appointment with the Center for Academic Success.  Walk-in hours are every Friday from 2 p.m.–4 p.m. 

Briggs Hall, room 117
Phone: 832-6530
Fax: 832-6884
Email:   jere.wickens@lawrence.edu


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