Located on the second floor of the Warch Campus Center, Mail Services offers the following services:

  • Pickup and delivery by these carriers:
    • USPS. Bring your outgoing packages/letters to Mail Services by 3PM
    • UPS. Bring your outgoing packages to Mail Services by 3PM
    • Spee-Dee Delivery. Bring your outgoing packages to Mail Services by 11AM
    • FedEx. Bring your outgoing packages to Mail Services by 3PM
  • Supplies for mailing:
    • Standard letters (stamps, envelopes, etc.)
    • Packages (postage, limited number of boxes*, packing tape, padding materials, labels, etc.) 
    • Certified and registered mail
    • Priority mail
    • Overnight/2nd day UPS
  • International mailing

*Large boxes in very short supply/Save your textbook boxes if you intend to return or sell books later

If you are faculty/staff please check out our special page designed to address university mailings!

Frequently asked questions


Where do students pick up their mail?

Students living on campus will be assigned a mailbox (SPC). Mailboxes are located near the mail room on the second floor of the Warch Campus Center. Students can find their mailbox combination on Voyager: Go to the Personal Information tab - Click Personal Information link-Click View Address(s) and Phone(s) SSN/Name link-it will be under campus mailing address.

Packages that do not fit in student mailboxes can be picked up from the mailroom window adjacent to the mailboxes after they have been checked in. When they are checked in students will receive an email notification.

What is an SPC number?

'SPC' is simply an acronym for a mailbox and it's similar to a P.O. Box. You can use Lawrence's FIND utility to determine someone's SPC number. (Campus Life offers information on formatting an address with an SPC number; see the document Campus Addresses for Students.) Departments, faculty and staff no longer have SPC numbers. They will reach the intended recipient if addressed to the full name and department. Please address all letters/magazines/packages etc. with this number.

Can I have my mail forwarded to another address?

Students should ask staff at the Registrar's Office (Brokaw Hall first floor) for help when they want a special address set up. Be sure to specify the address start and end dates for any forwarding addresses. If you are an Alumni, Voyager should contain an option for you to adjust your mailing address without contacting the registrar.

What forms of payment are accepted for postage?

You can pay using Viking Gold, cash, a credit/debit card, or a check. There is a minimum charge of $5 for credit/debit cards. You cannot charge things to your student account.

Do you have boxes?

Mail services has boxes, but they are exclusively for shipping. The boxes we have are scavenged from recycling bins and the rare donation. This means several things: the only new boxes we stock are flat rate USPS boxes, when you don't want the box for a package you have received, please give it to the mailroom, and finally, there is a supply and demand problem.

Consider these facts at the end of the year. We highly encourage students to purchase boxes ahead of time for their own convenience. We also do not give out boxes for storage due to the limited amount we have. If a student would like a box from Mail services, they should stop by a few weeks before the term ends to pick one up.

One final note: many people ship out textbooks throughout the year. We encourage them to hold on to the boxes the books come in, for their own convenience. We run out of textbook boxes very quickly.

What happens to student mail during break?

During Winter and Summer break the Mailroom continues to process student mail. All forwardable letter mail and small packages will be forwarded from the beginning of break until two weeks before school resumes. Packages too large to fit within an SPC will be checked in, which will send an automatic notification to the student's lawrence email account. Students may contact the mailroom to discuss forwarding options for these larger items. IMPORTANT: If a student plans to remain on campus, or to have their mail held in the mailroom over break, they must contact the registrar to update their address information.

During Spring break, mail is not forwarded.

Are there limits to the size or weight of a package I can send via Mail Services?

Mail services is not capable of processing packages weighing over 110lbs. Other than that, size limitations vary by carrier. Please note that physically larger or heavier items may incur added charges by the carrier. Call Mail Services if you have questions.

What happens to my mail if I live off campus, study abroad or go on term leave?

If you live off campus you will still have an SPC. You may choose to give it up and have mail forwarded by updating your current mailing address with the registrar. Regardless of whether you retain your SPC, you can still have packages shipped to the mailroom.

The same rules apply to going on term leave, however if you stay on term leave for more than 2 terms your SPC will be deleted.

While studying abroad you still keep your SPC but your mail will be forwarded to your home address. By personal request you can also have your mail held in the mailroom. (see next question)

Can I have my mail held in the mail room?

Under special circumstances we will hold your mail in the mail room for a limited time while you are away. Please contact Mail Services for assistance.

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