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Class Color Competition

And the champions are the Yellow Classes! Be proud—you're the reigning champion, until Giving Day 2018!

Yellow Classes Win the 2017 Class Color Competition!


Green Class
Yellow Class
Red Class
Purple Class


Game Changer and Donor Map


Did you miss your opportunity to participate in Lawrence Giving Day? You can still make a gift.

Give to Lawrence

The Live Show

We hope you had the opportunity to watch the live show. Now, you can relive all 10 hours!

Giving Day Live Show

About Giving Day

Our 4th Annual Giving Day on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 featured a 10-hour live show and a fantastic giving challenge! Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so successful. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Game Changers

To make Lawrence Giving Day possible, 200 alumni, parents and friends committed over $875,000 to encourage you to make a difference for current students. See who they are!

The Clock

With a 10-hour live show and 24 hours of giving, we couldn't help but continue the theme of time and incorporate a clock into the design for Lawrence Giving Day. You may recognize the image to be the clock that sits just east of Main Hall. The Class of 1995 raised money and gifted this clock to the college during their senior year. Since it's the clock that keeps on giving, we've dubbed it the "giving clock" in honor of its origin.

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