Project #1

Music Education for Orphans

Giving back is more than a phrase for Shang Li ’16. Four years ago, she began working with orphans in her hometown, supplementing their standard education with after-school arts immersion. Today, Shang has her own NGO, and she can continue to offer classes and lessons in traditional Chinese arts with your help! Learn more...


Blue Start allows for greater connections between our alumni and friends of the university and our current students’ enthusiastic ideas. It enables those associated with Lawrence to combine a number of gifts to support a project that specifically attracts them and it assists students in finding the sufficient funds they need to pursue their goals through innovative projects.


Welcome to the Blue Start Application! We encourage you to go over the Self-Help Guide prior to filling out the application so you are as prepared for the Blue Start experience as possible! When you feel you are adequetly prepared and have read the Self-Help Guide, please fill out all mandatory text boxes that have a red asterisk below to make the application process as easy for everyone as it can be.

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