Submit completed applications to the CTL (Briggs 139).  If you are applying to tutor in more than one area, please make a copy of your application for each supervisor.  Please direct any questions regarding the application and hiring process to the CTL Director by email or by phone at 920-832-6767.

On a separate sheet of paper, please answer the following questions in a one-page (250 word), self-reflective essay. We will use your responses to these questions in tutor training for next year. Please attach it as a word or a PDF document below.

1.  What advice would you give to a new tutor?
2.  What tutoring challenges did you face this year in your work for the CTL?  How did you solve (or attempt to solve) those challenges?  What successes did you experience?  What are you most proud of in your work as a tutor?

Returning Tutor Survey

Your responses to the questions below will help us gather data and plan for next year’s tutor training and development activities.  Please check on all which apply.We are interested in your perception of the ways in which CTL tutoring enriches tutors. 

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