Writing tutors can help with papers and other writing projects from the brainstorming stage through the final draft.  They can answer questions about organization, sentence structure, proofreading, style, and appropriate documentation of various types of sources.  Writing tutors are also available to help with writing for any other class (as well as for job applications, scholarship essays, etc.).

Each section of Freshman Studies has at least two writing tutors who are assigned to work with students in that section.  In the 2014-15 academic year, 77 percent of freshmen used a writing tutor for help with a Freshman Studies essay.

A number of writing tutors have special training to better assist non-native learners of English.  Please mention that you are an ESL or international student when requesting an appointment if you wish to work with one of these tutors.

In addition to writing tutoring, the CTL offers a number of phamplets and online information regarding common writing issues such as grammar, style, documentation, etc.  Our resources includ numerous books on writing, revision, and citation - including the MLA Handbook, APA Publication Manual and Chicago Manual of Style.

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