Can Europe's Center Hold in the Age of Trump?


Seminar participants will examine the causes of the continent’s multiple crises, their likely impact on its future and their importance for the U.S.  After briefly reviewing how Europeans restructured their political, economic and military systems beginning in the 1950’s, the seminar will consider internal challenges to unity and cooperation and outside forces that threaten their security.  Focus will be on tensions between the pooled sovereignty of the European Union (EU) and resurgent neo-nationalist and populist politics; the Euro crisis; and Russia’s threat to immediate neighbors and European democratic stability.  Finally, participants will assess the implications for Trans-Atlantic political, economic and security ties of Europe’s uncertain relationship with the Trump administration. A selection of articles to read on the fast-moving situation will be suggested in the spring. The seminar will include optional films for viewing and discussion on one or two evenings.

After graduation from Princeton and Harvard Law School, Jon Greenwald served 30 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, the bulk of it in Europe, including East Berlin as the Wall fell and ending with the Mission to the European Union. He taught diplomacy and foreign policy at Lawrence as the Scarff Professor, 1998-1999, coordinated foreign policy for Bill Bradley’s presidential campaign (2000), then served as vice president of the International Crisis Group, the Brussels based-conflict prevention organization, for 16 years. He has taught frequently at Bjorklunden, including a joint Berlin course (2010) with Becker. He presently leads a project to bring youths from conflict zones – beginning with Israelis and Palestinians – to study together at top U.S. and other prep schools.

Robert (Todd) Becker grew up near Washington, D.C, earned an MA from the University of Minnesota and spent much of the past 50 years in Europe as a US diplomat and international civil servant.   As a diplomat, he concentrated on German affairs, East-West Relations and the European Union.  He served as Deputy Head of Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Croatia and Ukraine and Special Assistant to the Lithuanian Chairman of the OSCE.  The Scarf Professor at Lawrence in 2009, Becker teaches at Salisbury University on European Government and the European Union.   He has been an OSCE election monitor in Germany, Byelorussia, Montenegro and Ukraine and is married to Christa Kalinski of Leipzig, Germany.

Sunday, July 15, 2018 to Friday, July 20, 2018
$895 double; $1,175 single; $450 commuter

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