Apocalypse – When?

From Biblical prophecies to the stirring final chorus in Handel's Messiah, from dreams of the "rapture" to The Late, Great Planet Earth and Apocalypse Now, from comic strips to TV series, the idea of “apocalypse” (the uncovering of the End Times) stretches for millennia across art and literature of every sort.  Recent scenarios of worldwide nuclear destruction, environmental implosion, and even the zombie apocalypse, continue to conjure up an impending Doomsday.  This seminar will focus on apocalyptic writing in the Bible: Old Testament prophecies dealing with the Day of the Lord, visions of the End Times and the New Age in Daniel and Ezekiel, and, especially, the New Testament's Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, popularly known as the Book of Revelation.  A readers' theatre presentation of Wolf Mankowitz's spoof of the prophet Jonah's message, "The end of the world is at hand!," will offer entertaining comic relief. 

Required Reading: A Bible, any edition

Bill Urbrock is honorary Rosebush Professor emeritus of Religious Studies at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he taught Biblical Studies and Ancient Near Eastern Religions.  He has presented courses, seminars, and lecture series for a variety of civic and educational groups, including Bjorklunden.

Peery Duderstadt taught at DePaul University in the English Department and the Humanities Division where he offered a course entitled “Doomsday Literature: The Apocalyptic Genre”. He is an ordained deacon in the Catholic Church serving in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and former Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation at Our Lady of the Brook in Northbrook, IL. He is an active member of the Biblical Archaeological Society and a regular attendee at Björklunden seminars.

Sunday, August 5, 2018 to Friday, August 10, 2018
$895 double; $1,175 single; $450 commuter

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