Wildflower Walks and Fungus Forays

This seminar’s goal is to find as many beautiful wildflowers and fungi as possible by visiting the most pristine preserves and diverse habitats.  Participants will learn the names of common fungi and the essential role they play in the web of life.  Participants will also become proficient in identifying wildflowers, and what the different field guides offer in terms of doing this.  This seminar will also discuss the origin and evolution of flowering plants including what they are evolving towards.  As always, this course will take advantage of any birds or other animals encountered in explorations of the natural areas in the county. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite field guides.

Don Quintenz has been teaching environmental education since 1967 and came to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in 1981.  He previously worked with the Milwaukee Public Schools as their environmental specialist for five years, and before that he was with the Wisconsin Humane Society for three years as their environmental educator and the Wisconsin DNR as a resource technician.  He is currently the Senior Ecologist at Audubon. The skill Quintenz has that he cherishes the most is his ability to excite and fascinate people about the natural world because of his intimate familiarity with the native flora and fauna.

Charlotte Lukes has been studying Door County’s wild mushrooms since 1972 and has compiled a list of 570 species she has seen and identified. The Ridges Sanctuary was where she began her workshops and mushroom forays when her husband, Roy, was manager and chief

Sunday, September 10, 2017 to Friday, September 15, 2017
$840 double; $1,120 single; $415 commuter
Nature & Earth

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