The Two Hundred Most Important Years in Western Thought!

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It can be argued that the most important era in Western philosophical thought was the period from 1600-1800.  During the 17th & 18th centuries three great systems came to fruition, Rationalism, Empiricism, and Transcendental Idealism.  Rationalism is the theory that all knowledge comes from reason…and reason alone.  Empiricism is the theory that all knowledge comes from experience…and experience alone. These two theories cannot both be true.  Thus, the rise of Transcendental Idealism, the attempt to reconcile and synthesize the two, arguing that while all knowledge might begin with experience, not all knowledge arises from experience.  This seminar will concentrate on the most important philosophical figures representing these three theories: Descartes, Hume and Kant.  We will also consider other great thinkers of the era, including Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, and Berkeley.   No prior background in philosophy is required.  Join us for a fun filled week exploring the important concepts of 17th & 18th Western philosophical thought!

Terry M. Goode received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Wayne State University.  He has taught philosophy at the University of South Carolina, UW-Fox Valley, and UW-Oshkosh.  He regularly teaches classes for the Clearing winter program, and for the Bjorklunden summer program.  Prior to his retirement in 2007 Terry owned two technology companies, was a senior technology officer, and served as a consultant to a number of firms in the Fox River Valley.


Sunday, August 27, 2017 to Friday, September 1, 2017
$840 double; $1,120 single; $415 commuter
Philosophy & Theology

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