Spectacular Sedona

History and Hiking, Magic and Myth

November 1 - 9, 2017

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Spectacular Sedona – History and Hiking – Magic and Myth is a nine-day adventure unlike any other. Limited to 12 participants, Spectacular Sedona will surround you with magic – Indian history, “Hollywood of the West” cinema history, breathtaking hikes through canyons and creeks, and so much more. You’ll enjoy fine food, great art galleries, and gorgeous accommodations.  Physical fitness for hikes of four hours/six miles will be needed.

The accommodations – the Best Western Arroyo Roble – are outstanding, with each room’s balcony looking out onto jaw-dropping red rock cliffs. And it’s still swimming weather – you’ll have your choice of three pools (two outdoor and one indoor) and, for those with thick Wisconsin blood, one fabulous “swimming hole” in Oak Creek, a short walk from your door.

But don’t get too comfortable – we’ll be hiking! Our “classrooms” and “lectures” will be out on the trails – spectacularly beautiful trails! But understand … Sedona hiking is serious hiking, with some rocky terrain beyond anything in the Midwest. We’ll start slowly in order to adjust to the 4,500-foot elevation, then gradually increase our distances. Be prepared to hike two to four hours (three to six miles) at a time. Sneakers (even those sturdy sneakers you swear by) are not adequate and, for our hiking, they are not safe. You must wear lug-sole (black sole) hiking boots (even in the store, they should feel very comfortable – the higher the ankle support the better) and use hiking poles. (Bring your own boots, but each participant’s tuition covers a pair of hiking poles and a two-bottle fanny pack you’ll be able to take home. Please let us know if you will be bringing your own poles or packs; if so, your tuition will be reduced accordingly!) 

Still, don’t let us scare you away.  Spectacular Sedona is designed by experienced Björklunden presenters for Björklundeners—adults and senior adults. Even if you have never hiked strenuously before, Spectacular Sedona may be just right for you if you are physically fit. And Spectacular Sedona will introduce you to the fundamentals of serious hiking in a manner that is user-friendly, fascinating, and utterly delightful. You will gain a lifetime sport, and you will have fun doing so – it’s required! 

And oh yes, you’ll need plenty of fuel for these fabulous days. Spectacular Sedona’s cuisine is special, and the lunch/dinner sites are extraordinary – from picnic lunches at creek sides, to sit-down dinners in southwestern-elegant dining rooms, to desserts at America’s most unusual Dairy Queen. 

Early November weather is gorgeous! Deep blue-sky days will be in the 70s; nights will plunge into the 50s – no bugs, no rain, no pain – well, maybe a little, but you’ll have two hot tubs to soothe your weary hikin’ bones. 

The attire? Sedona is rather formal – most people wear clothes; and for formal dining, you must wear clean socks to match your T-shirts and jeans.

Your facilitators: Charlie and Karen Schudson
Back by popular demand, Charlie and Karen have presented nine Björklunden seminars in the last 12 years. Now, for the second time, they’re taking Björklunden to Sedona where they’ve hiked extensively for more than 25 years and lived since 2009.

Before semi-retiring to Sedona, Charlie and Karen lived in Milwaukee. Karen was a psychotherapist, specializing in marriage and family therapy and executive coaching. She now is a life coach helping hikers overcome acrophobia and guiding retirees in their fulfilling new “careers.” She serves as chair of the Sedona Synagogue’s Social Action Committee. Charlie served as a state and federal prosecutor, a Wisconsin trial and appellate judge, and an adjunct professor of law at Wisconsin and Marquette. From 2009 thru 2014 he taught at law schools abroad on a Fulbright Fellowship. He volunteers with the National Forest Service Trail Patrol and is a certified member of the Sheriff Department’s Search and Rescue unit.

For more information please contact Mark Breseman at mark.d.breseman@lawrence.edu or 920-419-6675.

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