Need-based tutti! scholarships are available for all Academy lessons and programs. Awards from the tutti! scholarship fund are limited; most families who receive assistance from this fund have an annual household income between $15,000 and $40,000.  Families with higher annual income levels are eligible for smaller awards in special circumstances.  Please give a thorough narrative if your family has extenuating circumstances such as a job loss or high medical bills.  Awards are re-evaluated and renewed annually.

In addition, a limited sum from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is available for income-qualifying students in grades 6-12.  Students must prove eligibility for free or reduced lunch in order to qualify.

Continuing students must submit a complete financial aid application, including current Academy teacher recommendation, no later than June 15 for the following academic year. New students must submit complete financial aid applications with music teacher recommendation at the time of enrollment. Call the Academy office at 920-832-6632 or check the links below for forms and information.

Financial Assistance Form Instructions

Financial Assistance Form

Wisconsin DPI form.pdf



The institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI’s Nondiscrimination provision for all students.

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