Early Childhood Music

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A child's musical education begins with the melody and rhythm of the parent's voice. It continues with the support of family and school as voice, body and spirit begin to respond to and create music. Academy classes foster the development and refinement of general musical ability by providing an environment that is rich in the language of music. The activities learned in class are easily repeated at home, thus nurturing basic skills, strengthening the musical bond between child and caregiver, and building support for the future study of any instrument.

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Music for the Very Young (Birth-3 years; classes grouped by age)

Form a learning team with your child, aged birth to 3 years, as you explore rhythm and melody in fun classes that feature age-appropriate songs, games, and activities designed to give experience in basic musical concepts. This hands-on class utilizes traditional, folk and percussion instruments. Classes are grouped by age.

Music for the Very Young - Siblings (1-5 years)

This family class encourages siblings, aged 1-5 years to have fun singing, playing instruments and sharing musical activities. Class is for a parent/caregiver and two children of different ages.

Music and Movement (3-4 years)

This class provides a unique opportunity for your 3-4 year-old child to develop coordination, personal awareness and self-expression through imaginative movement to music.

Nell Buchman

Lawrence Academy of Music- 100 West Water Street, Appleton

Cancellation Policy
A 50% refund is given prior to the first class; no refund is give after class begins.

Academy Guidelines

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toddler with jingle bells on foot

The institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI's Nondiscrimination Provision for all students.

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